The importance of tumblr

One of the frequently asked questions on Tumblr, is how I see Tumblr, how important it is for me personally and how I see platforms in general. In this short text I’ll try to answer those three-in-one questions

A screenshot of a personal Tumblr collage

For me Tumblr enables me to build a kind of a museum in progress or a collection of what and who I think is beautiful or what motivates me to enjoy life. It’s quite easy to use, I think, and not too expensive. Of course, every platform or system has its flaws, weird rules, or limitations, and so does Tumblr.

In contrast to the other social media I use, my Tumblr has only little to do with autism, or at least a first sight. With my Tumblr I try to show that there’s more than just writing text on autism related topics. Instead, I’d like to think my life consists of discovering all kinds of things, people, places, … that I dream of or dance within my head.

How important is Tumblr to me? It’s a great way to have new input, and enjoy beauty in all its forms, and it lets me share things that are not possible on the other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress or Medium. It also gives inspiration and stimulates me to write on other topics than I immediately think of. I also get questions in my private box, though much less than on other platforms, for advice or information on certain autism-related topics. And Tumblr is of course also a community of people I find myself related to in a way.

Finally, Tumblr is a part of the Tistje ‘sphere’, and it is one of the platforms I like to experiment with to share information, joy, inspiration of others and of myself, or to report of my pilgrimage to a way of life that is compatible with autistic living as well as living in this hypermodern (somewhat conservative) society of ours.



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